A friend of mine has asked for some corrections of her thesis manuscript. I am so excited about this, even when I feel that maybe I cannot provide a good feedback in her grammar or even in her science. I have to admit that one of my dreams is become a lecturer in a foreign University one of these days. Not because I wouldn’t like to come back to Mexico, but it’s a challenging thing I would like to do. Nevertheless sometimes, I just feel I haven’t enhanced at all my proficiency in English.

Something that has been happening with one of my colleagues from China who has improved a lot his pronunciation – I’m so jealous! In my case has been so frustrating not being able to use a different pronunciation for B or V. I am not sure if it happens to everyone or if it is closely associated with the original country of each person. Besides, I have the feeling that doesn’t matter too much what language I use to communicate my ideas most of the time I can’t express it clearly. And, I can say that it is related to the education provided directly from my parents at home because my father and mother sometimes have the same difficulty to communicate ideas in a clear way.

Actually, something funny could be that if people were able to read this post whit the voice I am actually listening right now to write this entry -which is not mine! I hope, I can be more clear with this. Let’s say that deliberately someone else has taken control of my inner voice and instead of listening mine I’m actually listening the voice of that person – something which could be quite ridiculous for some people! But actually, in this moment, it makes a lot of sense to me because the voice I am using to dictate this entry is the voice of the person -and maybe not only the voice even the way this person could use to build up his phrases- that I am having as a model to improve proficiency in English. I am almost sure that many people has experienced what I am writing here – Share it up with the world!