I am just coming back from holidays, one week around the Southwest of England and another one entire week in London. One of the main spots in the capital was the British library, full of treasures such as the , nevertheless the charming behind the algebra notes by Da Vinci, I would like to highlight the exhibition: Out of this World, Science fiction but not as you know it.

This exhibition, plenty of books and magazines, offers a way to look at the world and exploring alternative ideas about science, society, future and the nature of reality itself. I’ve just been quoting the description from the leaf-hand that I got in my visit. However, the thing that came across my mind was how many scientists have gotten involved in science or even developed exciting projects or found revolutionary discovers because of science fiction.

In my case, the first reason I get involved in the field of conductive polymers was a novel written by Philip K. Dick. One of the main questions that rise across the whole story is what does a human being meant to be? What does it different from androids?