This is the first of many random and nonsense entries – I hope so!- about the planning process of my thesis and some papers. Why to do this? Simple, I am excited to have a register of the evolution of this process. And one day look back at it and see how much I have done: enjoying the plot and not the conclusion of it! Besides, I am motivated by the advice I’ve got after having long chats with various friends of mine that have graduated recently and with the idea to avoid though times after seeing the stressy days my colleagues are going through at the last stage of their PhDs.

I am, kind of, one year ahead before my funding ends so I reckon better start than at the last minute – So, Let it role then!


Some ideas for the content of my thesis:

  1. Control over morphology
  • Bottom up approach:
    • Templates

An example of DNA as template of conductive polymers: DNA -based nanowires . Towards bottom-up nanoscale electronics

    • Using biomolecules
      • Covalently attached
      • As additives