Waiting in IstanbulWriting a thesis has resulted a very challengin task  with some rewardingish periods. In theory the writing process should be more efficient and faster because I am just editing and extending previous scientific reports. However, I am pretty doubtful of being more competent at settling down my thoughts, and even worse at doing it at a convenient speed.

I consider that I have improved a little bit at how to structure the message that I want to deliver – of course, this is just a self-reflection on my work! Maybe, I am writing short statements with more simple structure, which could be taken as a sign of improvement on writing skills. For instances, I can attribute the observed enhancements because of  self-editing exercises after finishing each sections. Thus, the implemented methodology demands large and frequent text analysis sessions.

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The writing style has become considerably much better by fragmenting the text into pieces. As a consequence, writing speed has been affected by the implementation of such approach. In my case,  bullet point and 5WH techniques have been chosen as   Although, the quantities of pages produced per day is not the optimum  the combination of both writing approaches have considerably benefited coherence structure of each section.