Pure love!

I have to admit that I thought that writing my dissertation will be a little bit easier and much more enjoyable. Anyways, here I am trying to tie some nonsense together and not loosing the hope that there’s an end. I reckon that I have just chosen the longest way and I have many things to improve.

I have been reading some others people thesis and their stuff is just copy, paste and, perhaps, paraphrase sentences from papers – fair enough?! I have to admite that I do it some times as well. Nevertheless, you cannot have more than 80 % of your work like that.

I always thought that people studying a PhD in a high-level graduate program would have the ability to write in an innovative way. Therefore the ideas that you’re reading in papers is result of good control over the knowledge of the topic to be discussed. However, it seems to me that writing has turned into a robotic and crafty process of communicating “concepts and ideas”.

The good thing is that there’s still people trying to find ways of innovation on how to communicate scientific problems and concepts. Of course, there’re always many risks and the chances to make mistakes are massive. Nevertheless, someone must make the first move and someone else must be there, not to only point what is wrong, but as well to discuss and encourage new attempts!